Step 2: Know Thyself

“Meet Temptation with Patience.”

Thoughts Are Not Your Own

As you practice Step 2 (The Silent Prayer), you’ll begin to build distance from thoughts (temptations), and truly Know Thyself by seeing the difference between the “Real You” and the “Not You” (thoughts). Over time, you’ll find your personal and spiritual pains begin to naturally resolve on their own, all done by consistently practicing the Silent Prayer.

The Silent Prayer (Tutorial Link Here)

The Silent Prayer is an observational exercise, where you actively choose to spend a few moments observing the thoughts in your physical head.

Each morning and night, you take a few moments to observe your thoughts in silence. You sit quietly in a chair, relax completely, close your eyes, and release into the present moment of the surrounding sounds and sensations. While doing this, you’ll look for the first thought in the center of your forehead that tempts you to judge, to feel, to react. (Remember, it may sound like you, look like you, or even “be you.”)

Each time a thought (temptation) appears in your head, just observe the thought and sensations that arise from within with patience. For every temptation that arises, meet it with patience, and observe the unsettling sensations (if they occur).

Sit. Observe. Meet Temptation with Patience. Repeat.

If you get caught in a thought and disappear in the imagination or emotions, that’s fine. Do not judge yourself. Just pull back. Return to the present moment. Watch again for the thoughts in your head.

Common Inquiries

Common Inquiries are below, and let us know if you have any questions!

I have not forgiven my parents. Is it OK to do the Silent Prayer?

Yes! Of Course

Many people have been lost in thoughts for so long, that they cannot see clearly on what they need to forgive for.

The Silent Prayer will give you that time to really know the Real You, and through revelation, not thought, will show you what you must forgive your parents for. Whether it is something “simple,” like making you resent, or more “complex” or “intense,” like physical terror, it’ll become clear.

Once you know what to forgive them for, you must Go and Forgive, and God will forgive you for your sin of judgement.

Do not plan the exact words that you need to say. Just know that you’re going to your mother and your father to forgive them.

How do I do the Silent Prayer?

It is key to do the Silent Prayer right when you wake up, and right before going to bed.

Not after checking social media, news, Netflix, or any other worldly distraction. You want to be with God right when you are gaining and losing consciousness.

For the morning Silent Prayer: Wake Up, use the bathroom, sit down, relax, play the recording, and observe your thoughts.

For the evening Silent Prayer (~30 minutes before going to bed): find a chair, sit, relax, play the recording (if you need it, or a timer for 5, 15, 25 minutes), and observe your thoughts.

If you no longer need the tutorials to guide you, I recommend you set a timer for 5, 15, 25 minutes (however long you wish to be with God).

That’s all that is required.

I feel like I can’t do the Silent Prayer, as if I’m afraid or very anxious.

This is a great insight. You’re believing your thoughts, as if they are your own. Realize that it is the thoughts that are tempting you to “feel afraid,” because Satan knows that as you practice the Silent Prayer, you’ll get further and further away from him, and closer and closer to God.

Is there a Tutorial for the Silent Prayer?
I don’t feel anything when doing the Silent Prayer

This is totally fine. Many times, Satan will tempt us with thoughts, to make us judge others (Sin). But sometimes, he may pull back “intrusive” thoughts, so that you believe the next set of thoughts that tell you “oh you’re already healed and saved, and don’t need to do this Silent Prayer anymore.”

It’s a Trap! Just continue to do the Silent Prayer every morning and every night, and appreciate it all.

Why are there still thoughts, after doing the Silent Prayer?

The Silent Prayer isn’t about resolving thoughts. Remember, thoughts are not your own. Thoughts are a temptation. And you meet that temptation with patience.

Over time, you’ll develop more and more patience, and although the thoughts will always be there…you’ll recognize it for what it is. The Not You.

Soon you’ll see how amazing life can become, once you know the past isn’t real, the future isn’t real, imagination isn’t real, and thoughts are just lies from a jealous peddler called Satan.

But it’s key that you know this for yourself. Don’t believe it because any man tells you. Know Thyself, and Know for Yourself.

Isn’t this just Meditation?

No. The goal of this exercise is to observe your thoughts, and begin to see how thoughts are coming from an external source. You’ll begin to naturally see how thoughts (temptation) are from Satan, and are not your own.

What is next?

If you’re doing the Silent Prayer and Knowing Thyself every morning, and every night, you’re crushing it!

Now it’s just about Doubting Every Thought, which is Step 3.

Click Here to See That Step.

Questions? Let Us Know.