Step 3: Doubt Every Thought

“Take Every Thought Into Captivity.”

You have between 6,000 and 60,000 thoughts everyday. 80% are negative. 90% are repeated from the previous day.

  • Which ones do you trust?
  • Which ones are “right”?
  • Which ones are “wrong”?
  • How do you monitor every thought?

The answer should be clear.

Thoughts are not your own.

So in Step 3, the only requirement is that you Doubt Every Thought.

Doubt Every Thought

Doubting every thought is what it sounds like. It’s so easy, yet we don’t realize how entrenched we are in thoughts. If you hear it in your head, doubt the thought. Whether it sounds good, sounds bad, criticizes yourself, criticizes others, compliments yourself, compliment others…it is not your thought. It’s a temptation to judge. A temptation to believe that you are God, know what is right and wrong (back to Adam getting the “knowledge” of Good and Evil).

How to Doubt Every Thought: Patience

So how do you Doubt Every Thought? With Patience.

With each temptation to judge, to believe you’re right, with other people or your own life, meet that temptation with Patience. It’s not about fighting the thought, denying the thoughts, or radically rejecting the thoughts. It’s about observing them with patience. Patience with yourself, when the thoughts appear in your head. Patience when you’re interacting with others.

Temptations will come in many forms. Within your head and body. From other people who are believing their thoughts. So it’s not something to watch for within. It’s something to watch for throughout your day.

Doubt Every Thought.

That is All.

Common Inquiries

What is next?

Repeating Steps 2: Knowing Thyself, and Step 3: Doubting Every Thought.

That’s It. You’re returning to God, the childlike mindset. From here, watch your thoughts, temptations, and live your life.

Know for yourself, and Doubt Every Thought

It doesn’t feel like it’s working. I feel like I’m losing my mind.

In a sense, you are losing your mind. You’re letting go of your ego, the thoughts that have built up in your head.

It can sometimes feel like you’re losing, like it’s not working. Just have faith and patience and look at the pain that is being shown to you, and it will subside.

Many times our greatest realizations are on the other side of this type of pain.

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